Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Mom Goes To College

Husband: Ooops... ooops... ooops... ooops...
Me: There's an awful lot of "ooops" I'm hearing from over there.
Husband: Ooops, yup.
Me: Is it because you're rushing through your quiz too quickly?
Husband: No, its because I don't know the answers to the quiz.
Me: Well don't you think you should take a moment to actually read the question and then try to answer them?
Husband: No. It takes your highest grade so I just go with trial and error till I get them all right.
Me: ::blank stare:: That seems like it would take longer.
Husband: Sometimes.

Tale of a Tail

::While discussing his most recent paper for school::
Me: Even though you said it was half-assed, it was actually a well written paper. Good job.
Husband: ::spins around:: Hey, how's my hairline in the back?
Me: Random, like our conversation.
Husband: Yeah, I trimmed up the back by myself this morning.
Me: I can tell.
Husband: Yeah?
Me: Yeah, the back comes to a point like the beginnings of a glorious new trashy rat tail.
Husband: Yeah... I should grow one. Awesome.

It's a sign

Husband: I just think its funny how no matter what computer program you're in, it tells you that "Dundalk" is spelled wrong.
Me: Because "Dundalk isn't in a Dicionary on the system, probably.
Husband: But "Towson" is?
Me: I don't know why Towson shows as correct.
Husband: I do. Even computers don't like Dundalk."

Tuesday Boozeday

Mike: How did you finish that beer so fast?
Husband: I'm a professional. What can I say?
Me: The layman's term would be "alcoholic".
Husband: "Pro"... "Alcoholic"... whatever.


Husband: You know, I haven't even been on our blog site yet?
Me: Really?
Husband: I don't need to... I lived it.
Me: Hahaha "I'm a rebel Dottie"
Husband: I MAKE THIS BLOG! You know, without really doing... anything, I guess.

Whistle While You Work

::Phone rings::
Me: This is Aubrey.
Husband: ::singing:: This is the MOST wonderful GUYYYYYYY in the WORLD!


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