Sunday, September 12, 2010

You Rock. I Rock.

Husband: I wanna rock right now!
Me: Well, you can.
Husband: ::shakes his head in agreement & turns up the radio volume::
Radio: "I'm walking on sunshine, ye-ah!
Husband: I'm walking on sunshine... bit-ches!

Save A Horse

Husband: It would be so awesome if we moved to Texas! I'd finally be doing what I want.
Me: You're just excited that it will be more socially acceptable for you to wear a cowboy hat in public.
Husband: YES! You know I've always wanted to own a cowboy hat!

I Can Haz Nuggetz?

Husband: Babe, I'm sooo hungry. ::Pouts::
Me: What do you want?
Husband: Chicken nuggets.
Me: Do we even have chicken nuggets?
Husband: ::shrugs:: You didn't ask what we had. You asked what I wanted.


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