Sunday, September 12, 2010

Special Edition

Husband: I didn't look up at the sky last night when we got home. So didn't see that there were no stars out. If I had, I would have known that the weather might not have been ideal and I would have put the top back on my jeep. I woke up this morning and thought the rain sound was from our sound machine... but it wasn't. It was real rain.
Me: Oh no, not again.
Husband: Yup. The whole top was off and it had really poured down. I was out there struggling to get the top on again.
Me: Oh man, I'm so sorry that happened again.
Husband: Yeah, well I decided to put the dehumidifier in the jeep to try and speed up the process.
Me: You what?
Husband: I put the dehumidifier in the jeep. But the extension cord didn't reach it... so I had to park the jeep on the front lawn.
Me: ::blank stare:: Seriously?
Husband: Yeah...


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