Monday, November 22, 2010

Agree To Disagree

::During a phone call::
Husband: Well I just wanted to call and say "hi" and "wow... you... are... amazing".
Me: Haha Thank you.
Husband: OK, I'll talk to you later.
Me: OK, bye.
Husband: Hey! If you need anything you know how to get ahold of me. My number is now and will probably always be... 9-1-1
Me: ... thanks... I'll keep that in mind.
Husband: Good. You should put that in the blog.
Me: Stop trying to dictate what goes in the blog.
Husband: Well you told me to try and help you remember things that should go in the blog because you can't always jot them down for later.
Me: Yes, things we agree on.
Husband: Well, we just agreed that would go in.
Me: No we didn't.
Husband: Yes we did. You may not remember. Now go put that in.

Be The Best You You Can Be

Husband: Put up the Al and Peggy Bundy pictures from Halloween.
Me: ::ignoring him::
Husband: Put the Bundy pictures on Facebook.
Me: ::ignoring him::
Husband: Now, please!
Me: ::huff:: Fine!
Husband: I like you. Not that attitude, but you. I also like your face.
Me: Do you like the face I'm making right now?
Husband: No, not really. Why are you making that face?
Me: Because I was busy doing something.
Husband: I'm doing something.
Me: Yes... annoying me.
Husband: Well you always say to be the best at what I do.

Ten Years Ago I Used to Listen To Rappers Flow

Husband: I also got a new beer Key had in the store. I hope its good.
Me: What kind is it?
Husband: It's called Original Pumpkin Ale. But who knows if that's even true. Maybe its the real first one made, maybe not. I mean, I'm a real OG too, but...
Me: Ok, Ice-T. You can stop now.


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