Sunday, October 24, 2010

At A Wedding And Love Is In The Air

::During the wedding toast::
Husband: And they forgot that we toast God
Me: ::not sure where this is about to go::
Husband: This is the blood of Christ... and it IS delicious!
Mike: That guy must have been drunk like 24/7!

Dress To Impress

Husband: I wasn't going to say anything because you're the mother of the bride, but you're boobs look great in that dress.

There's A Time & Place

Husband: Why is Crystal touching her boobs?
Me: She has to pump milk for the baby and so she's at capacity and she's sore.
Husband: Seriously?
Crystal: Yeah, they're like rocks right now.
Husband: Can I feel?
Everyone: NO!

Judge By The Company You Keep

Husband: We're at the best table.
Me: I'd say so.
Husband: No one at this table is a loser and we're the closest table to the bar!


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