Monday, September 2, 2013

We Have Missed You, Too!

Many of you have spoken and your words did not fall on deaf ears. Trust us, we both have wanted to get this blog running again. But since Husband doesn't blog and the RubeCube takes up most of my time, it just took a back seat. But I'm happy to announce that we will be trying to get it in gear and keep the laughs coming. We appreciate your support and, let's be honest, it felt good that we were missed. But since the conversations never stop around here, we want to keep sharing them with you. So let's get this thing going with a special Labor Day post!

Stop Saying Words, Please

Husband: Jasmine is like, the hottest Disney princess. You know?
Me: Because she's exotic looking?
Husband: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, Snow White's got a stupid haircut. She's out.
Me: ::nodding::
Husband: Ariel's a red head so she's automatically hot. But she's got weird 80's hair.
Me: Well it looks so big and full because she's floating in the ocean. The water keeps it flowing.
Husband: Probably uses a lot of hairspray.
Me: ::blank stare::
Husband: Bet she uses AQUANET!
Me: You're proud of that joke, aren't you?

Blame It On The Weather

Husband: Is that lightning?
Me: Yeah, heat lightning.
Husband: Wanna do it?
Me: Why, because there's lightning outside?
Husband: Hey, if you can't hang... just say so. OW! As soon as I said that, I hurt my hip!
Me: Karma strikes like lightning!

Vanity Schmanity

::Husband was 3 (over 8.5% ABV) beers down at this point::
Husband: Wow, Tap 42 is the place to BE! I love this place. I want to live here. I want to drink delicious beer here all the time. Even though it's really busy, I surprisingly don't mind. But really, there's a lot of people here. A lot of attractive people. I'm now, like the 3rd most attractive person here. Not fair!


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